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About Me

Hi, I am manjiri PAPRIKAR & SO HAPPY you are here!

I love everything about design and artwork. It inspires me daily and translates into my life. Every day, I see it in my home, on the street, in the small details, in nature, in buildings, clothes, jewelry, cinema, art, food, things, and products. For this reason, I started this blog to write, photograph, and record what I see around me and share my discoveries. That is to say; this space will be a journal and visual capture of my stories and aspirations.
I grew up in Mumbai, India and most of my family lives there. After my undergraduate degree in Architecture, I moved to the US to pursue my Masters. Currently, I work in New York City as an Architect and focus on Healthcare Planning and Design.
In essence, Mumbai and New York City have both been inspiring urban environments for me. By and large, they stimulate in many ways. Such as the densities, the built housing communities, crowds that are trudging along to reach their workplaces, drinking coffee or chai on morning commutes, and the hustle-bustle of daily lives, the vibrancy of cafes, the vivacity in parks, and people who are strolling through the streetscape.
At present, I live with my husband and daughter, Mira, in Jersey City. We love spending time in our neighborhood, catching up with friends, eating out, visiting parks, driving around the area, picnicking, hiking, or visiting a waterfall. Occasionally, we enjoy a train ride to New York City on the weekend, visiting a museum, pop-up art show, or an outdoor exhibit. For one thing, there are these small moments we like to cherish.
Over the years, I have come to believe I should only hold on to things or items that I will genuinely love and treasure. For the most part, be it clothing, make-up, jewelry, house items, or cleaning products, and I have embraced this idea. Consequently, it helps me save time sorting through things and organizing busy daily lives around my work and family. Thereupon, I try to entwine this concept every day and invest in something I find beautiful and meaningful. In this space, you will stumble upon things I admire. Some are the wish-list things that I long for and may never have the means to obtain. But, hey, we can always make-believe!
I will endeavor to be candid about my challenges buying a wardrobe suited for my body type and skin tone. Sometimes, I have spent an incredible amount of exhausting time combing through the internet about one simple thing. So, I hope to write about what I have discovered over the years in this process. 
I am so excited you will like to be part of this community. I look forward to connecting with you!


I will love to connect with you!   Email me at contact@miradii.com

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