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The only Design story of our Primary Bedroom was next to none. And this space had to be non-existent for much activity beyond reading, sleep, and dressing up. The aspiration was for a relaxing, peaceful, and mood-filled space with minimal essential furniture. We imagined our sleep sanctuary with rugged, wrinkled bedding and light filtering through the mauve drapes, bringing in a sense of jubilation as a new season approaches.
Step inside! Enter our Living Space! The inception of this space was a desire for a positive, peaceful, and light-filled space. We believed in intentionally understated architecture with a minimalist design language. We drew inspiration from Brutalist and Scandinavian styles or even, say, waiting to be transported to Marfa, Texas. We chose a crisp, white backdrop for our wall with accents of mid-toned hues for warmth, texture, and tactility.
Finally, I am back to posting in this Miradii Space! Admittedly, it has been a long time away. My last post was on our design project for my sister-in-law's Dermatology office-based clinic in Mumbai. And then, I just felt that if I needed the motivation to create more on Miradii, it would have to be another one on Design. So, I waited for something close to my heart to be done. And it is the time!
Admittedly, the dormancy is finally over! Indeed, this is an exceptionally close-to-my-heart post. Professionally working in the Healthcare architecture/Design industry, I have been waiting in latency to blog on our very own design and architecture project. Last year, when my sister-in-law determined to establish her own Dermatology office-based clinic practice for advanced skin and hair care, she approached Vikrant and me to create and design a clinic.

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