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Okay, this may disappoint you, but I am not into many beverages and the types. That is to say, it really is not where my heart lies. In effect, I take in a few sips at the happy hour, and it suffices for the most part. Of course, I certainly appreciate the beauty of an Aperol Cocktail and the artistry behind it.

On the other hand, what is the last drink on earth before apocalypse for me? Undoubtedly, the one and only “tea” or its colonial counterpart “Masala Chai.” In translation, Masala means spices, and Chai is an exotic word for tea.

You may ask, what is so eclectic about this drink? I will say it is the simplicity of it. In all its glorious form, this pure, no-frills, hand-made potion is definitely for the soul.

To be sure, it differs from pot coffee whose taste derives from the quality and type of beans. But, this one requires the right proportions, science, and technique. So, making that perfect Chai cup is an art that needs measured ingredients, perfect proportions, and a dash of love. 

Chai ingredients


Ginger Chai


Chai Flatlay with ingredients

Not only, my weekend morning starts with a cup of tea, but also, before the sun sets, I make use of that hot steaming cup to energize the self. In Indian culture, many spices and herbs are mixed into the Chai’s boiling pot to boost immunity and well-health. 

For one thing, it refreshes, awakens, and transcends the mind!  

Chai ingredients close up

Masala Chai for 2

2-cups water 

3 teaspoons sugar (less if you have a sweet phobia)

2-3 teaspoons loose tea leaves or powdered tea ( link below)

2 -3 pieces of root ginger

3 -4 pods of cardamom

1 clove

1 peppercorn

a tad of cinnamon stick or a pinch of powder

1/8 cup Fat-free/ Skim milk OR 1 tablespoon Whole milk

Optional (if available seasonally)

2-3 fresh lemongrass leaves 

2-3 fresh mint leaves 

2-3 fresh Tulsi / Holy basil leaves 

First, put the 2 cups of water and the green leaves in a saucepan for a quick boil. Without delay, use a mortar & pestle to crush the cardamom pods, spices, and water transfer. Immediately, grate in the ginger or slice for a milder taste. 

Once the water boils, mix in sugar. In a moment, pour in the milk. It will slow down the boil. At this instant, add the Chai. Reduce heat. Make sure it does not overflow. I usually lift the pot and shake it in a clockwise direction. Once the Chai imparts color to the milk, it is ready. Use a strainer to filter it in cups. 

Enjoy a hot piping cup of Chai! On this side, my favorite part is to sit in my balcony and slurp on it! 

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