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Admittedly, the dormancy is finally over! Indeed, this is an exceptionally close-to-my-heart post. Professionally working in the Healthcare architecture/Design industry, I have been waiting in latency to blog on our very own design and architecture project.

Last year, when my sister-in-law determined to establish her own Dermatology clinic practice for advanced skin and hair care, she approached Vikrant and me to create and design a clinic. She envisioned a space where her visitors could experience refined and sophisticated procedural yet restorative, therapeutic semblance. Here was an excellent opportunity to implement all the design concepts and methods we have cultivated over the years into something very personal. Since we reside in the US, we partnered with our architect buddy friends, a talented husband-wife duo running an architectural practice, More Than Architecture (MTA), in India. With an immensely collaborative process across the Atlantic, they have been our ally in design and communication. And, most importantly, in executing this project to realization.

At the onset, the critical question was what this clinic’s make, constitution, vibe, feel, or virtue will be? There was a desire to refresh the defining and descriptive attributes of the existing practice. Another dear friend of ours who runs a branding agency, The Turtle story, collaborated with us to envision the approach, brand naming, visual identity, and creation of the narrative that reaches the public realm.

Program and Design

Visible from a busy Mumbai street one level above Ground in a Mixed-use hi-rise tower was the existing shop with large expansive windows. The planning challenge was to accommodate within 500 SF a robust Clinic Program of a Waiting Lounge for 5-6 people, a Pantry, toilet, two procedure rooms, and an Office/ Exam room. As we ideated through numerous design options, the chosen planning solution focused on circulation efficiency, space adaptability, and flexibility.

A pristine, crisp, and minimal interior instilled with fluidity and transparency characterizes the environment to help the clientele perceive an immaculately refined hospitality-based experience. The design intends to create a rich, vibrant and dynamic ambiance with an added sheen to compensate for the increased program we were trying to include within limited space.




The aim was to improve user experience by enabling them to engage in moments. As one waits to see the doctor in the front lobby, an aqua-colored Fluted glass corner partition frames a mysterious scene of activities behind it and trickles soft natural daylight. The shadows and movement of people behind it shape the iconic image of the clinic. And along with the graphic signage milled on the wall surface behind the reception desk on the other side.



As patients move into the Procedure rooms and lay on the Derma chair undergoing the procedure, they gaze at the soft indirect cove lights in the ceiling. While discussing their treatment plan with the doctor, they are comforted with the floor-to-ceiling window with natural daylight and connecting city views.

Interior Palette

The Interior space Design Mood board is a Color palette with a refreshing base of  Sea Shell White and Aqua Blue infused with soft accents of  Desert Sand, and Dusty Rose.

The mostly white space with varying textures High-gloss Cabinetry, Corian Solid Surface Countertops, and Matte Subway tiles is proportionately complemented with black frames, signage, faucets, and hardware. For warmth and delicateness, sand and rose colors are splashed on the furniture and fabric accents. Light-colored wood grain texture is incorporated through small architectural details and unblemished handiwork.

Finally, in retrospect, we successfully attained a sublime, luminous space that feels unconfined and unbolted, hemmed in its circumscribed boundaries.



This project was an extraordinary and memorable experience earmarking our first venture into the real world. It takes a village to build a mind. Here it was, family, childhood friendships, and college buddies to build an idea. Then, Reneé was born!


Project Details

Project Name: Reneé Advanced Skin, Hair & Laser Clinic
Project Location: Mumbai, India

Project Design & Interiors: 
Miradii – Manjiri Paprikar & Vikrant Dalvi, New York
More Than Architecture, Mumbai

Logo & Branding: The Turtle Story, Mumbai
Photography: Aspire Studios, Mumbai

Just a little bit more …

~ We are a bunch of old friends from our alma mater Sir J.J College of Arts & Architecture

~ Reneé is of French origin and means Reborn or born again.

~ Equipment planning was an integral part of the design process

~ Budgetary Constraints are very REAL, and we are required to make tough choices sometimes.

~ Healthcare Design World is about Experience, Function, Flow, and Aesthetics

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11 Responses

  1. Hey Manji….lovely write-up and amazing work/ creation.
    Color chosen..white…is so soothing…feels pure n positivity…loved it. In Mumbai where it is located?
    Bye geets

  2. Hi…Manja.. It was nice experience for me to view the interior of skin clinic. It is really good Architecture work. I can’t believe that it is in Mulund and designed by my daughter. Very good job. Keep it up. Congratulations. Mukund and Madhavi.

  3. Commendable work. Very impressive. Aesthetically pleasing. Tremendous value add, Manjiri, enabling client experience enhancement at your sister-in-law’s clinic. Kudos to you and your collaborators on such lovely creation.

  4. Commendable work. Very impressive. Tremendous value add , Manjiri, enabling client experience enhancement at your sister in law’s clinic. Kudos to you and your collaborators for this project for such lovely creation.

  5. One of the best skin clinic in Mumbai.. mulund.. excellent design and well executed.. it is our dream project designed by Miradii.. Many congratulations 👍👍

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Step inside! Enter our Living Space! The inception of this space was a desire for a positive, peaceful, and light-filled space. We believed in intentionally understated architecture with a minimalist design language. We drew inspiration from Brutalist and Scandinavian styles or even, say, waiting to be transported to Marfa, Texas. We chose a crisp, white backdrop for our wall with accents of mid-toned hues for warmth, texture, and tactility.

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