Eco-Friendly Home Utility Design

Home Utility Design that is both Eco-Friendly as well good-looking is most significant and relevant, per diem. By all means, it impacts us commonplace, day after day. Yet, we find ourselves situating it behind closed closet doors. Only to anticipate, they will peek out for those cleaning hours. But, what if those hours extend into days or months or forever. Welcome to Small Apartment living reality. There are no closets here for hiding Dust Pans, brooms, vacuum cleans, and mops. Besides, we have only 2 closets in the entire 1BR – one for coats and Linen, etc., and the other for clothes. 

What a dilemma! Don’t be judgmental here. Granted that, these are frequent messes and quandaries. However, we now have a workaround for this predicament. By all means, Thoughtful and Elegant Utility Design. Mostly, objects that we are not afraid to display. They are within reach, quick to use, and convenient to stick back into place. And, just in case they stay put outside for some time, they are not an eyesore. 

Cleaning Brushes

Another perspective on this subject is the amount of non-recyclable plastic consumed in these utilitarian products. All of these bargain-basement objects eventually end up in a landfill. I think as humans, we generally live with the Diffusion of Responsibility. We may think we are not the best person to assume the burden. And, suspect that the liability of Air and Marine Pollution, Climate Change, Wildfires, Hurricanes, Flooding, and Erosion rests on others. Unfortunately, everything is our problem. For our Kids and future generations, for sapiens and species….And we cannot assume someone else will do it. Okay, you will say enough! But, think about it….

Brooms and Brushes


Eco-Friendly Home Utility Design
Anyways, we have tried to consider this our own point of departure. 

Now, some may argue it is also about value and convenience. Let me elaborate a bit more. 

Over the years, I have realized multiple small changes can have a significant impact. Of course, we have tackled one topic at a time. We have started with more straightforward quick fixes first and progressed. We may have invested slowly in some articles that we desire and match our design sensibilities. Once a purchase is made, we have never parted with those. So, as a long-term prospect, we may have ended up with a good return on investment. Because disposables cost money, tons of money. All those Ziplocs, aluminum foils, paper tissues are overheads we are happy to cut. And, if one sea turtle lives without ingesting plastic, I am beyond ecstatic.

Eco-Friendly Home Utility Design

Everyday Cleaning & Bathroom Supplies 

With this happy thought, let me share my experiences. Here are painless ways to introduce Simple Green Sustainable and predominantly appealing concepts in daily life. 

~ Dish Brushes, Bottle brushes that look stylish

~ Glass Bottles and its Refillable cleaning supplies

~ Dish Cloths, because these are the most incredible finds yet (for my cleaning frenzy, I mean) 

~ Dust Pans and Brushes that are refined enough to hang open in our utility nook

~ Dusting Brush, which is entirely pictorial.

~ Tub Brush that’s graces in a poetic way

~ Toilet Brush, refined and elegant enough

~ A Metal bucket with a wooden handle, since there is always an opportunity for creativity

~ A simple soap dish 

~ Sublime & Varied Bar soaps, especially for packaging and less-waste, etc. 

~ Bamboo and charcoal bristle Toothbrush, why not? Please keep it coming!

~ Stain bar, perfect for all the baby stains and more

~ Wooden Hairbrush that promises a luxurious scalp massage

Watch out this space for more upcoming posts on super simple ways of going green. Until then, head here and here

Eco-Friendly Home Utility Design

Just a Little Bit More … 

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