Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products

It is a New Year, a fresh start! Should we talk about Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products? Yazz! Not to mention, doesn’t 2021 call for more strategies, resolutions, or even an inspiring word of the year to keep us going. Well, different people deal with the new year in a multitude of ways. For me, one of the goals this year to remain cognizant of my purchasing choices. By and large, be it nesting, home utility, kids essentials, travel, or clothing!

Before, I wrote about Home Utility Design a few posts back. Here, I want to continue the thought on Kitchen products. Because really, it is the most straightforward and relevant switch we can orchestrate. Of course, these small changes can have a significant impact. Although why you may ask? But, isn’t looking at a glass bottle on a countertop better than a plastic bottle? Or a steel bowl and wooden fork for kids more conscious choice along with design incentives?

Sustainable Kitchen Products

We can tackle one topic at a time, invest slowly in items we desire, and match our design sensibilities.  Natural materials like Glass, Wood, Metal, Clay, Stone, Cloth, Linen should find their way into our kitchen, just like it did in Grandma’s! Eventually, you may also surprisingly end up with a good return on investment because disposables cost money, tons of money. All those Ziplocs, aluminum foils, paper tissues are costs we should be happy to cut. Most vital, we will have the power to stop the amount of non-recyclable plastic and all of these bargain-basement objects from eventually ending up in a landfill.

Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products


Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products
Everyday Kitchen Storage & Products: Less-Waste and Gorgeous-Looking 

Are we feeling inspired to start with small changes in our homes? Let me share my experiences. Here are painless ways to introduce Simple Green Sustainable and predominantly appealing concepts in the Kitchen. 

~ Glass Storage bottles, these and these that look stylish, even when not hidden behind doors. Also, for finding their way into the refrigerator.

~ Stainless Steel Plates and Bowls for some family meals. I mean, who ordered Primary colors for tiny fingers on the Dinner table? 

~ Wooden Forks and Spoons for packed School lunches

~ Steel Straws, because this is critical for our Planet.

~ Kitchen Dish Towels set since the uses are unlimited. 

~ Produce Bags this, this or this, to eliminate all those plasticky things from your refrigerator.

~ Bees Wrap, this or this to save on slimy, clingy stuff.  And, isn’t this something to admire?

~ Sandwich bags, to tow snacks on that picnic.

~ A go to Travel Pouch, well, for anything on this earth!

~ Stainless Steel Bottles here and here, because water and plastic don’t go together. 

~ Stainless Steel Snack BoxesInsulated Lunch Box, and Partitioned box for the Daycare spreads.

~ Stainless Steel Clips, for the half-full Chips bag. 

Sustainable Kitchen Products

Just a Little Bit More …

~ No Impact Man and a vow to make no environmental impact for a year in New York

~ Furthermore summarized here is Green Terminology

~ Vogue it up, your kitchen, I mean!

~ The Mighty Nest Subscription for a Monthly fix.

~ These Net Zero Co. Bundles for curated collections.

~ Cannot admire enough! Clay Cookware from India

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  1. Wow… wonderful switches u hv suggested. This inspires me to upcycle old clothes/ bedsheets etc. into some really nice pouches, produce bags n more…..

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