Fall Outfits

Undoubtedly, haven’t we seen Fall outfits everywhere? 

Even if it is 2020 and we are couped indoors, the earth’s fragrance is upon us. And the air is so cold. Beneath Blue Skies and upon a canopy of ebony, umber, cider, spice, amber, scarlet, mahogany, crimson mixed in with juniper and sage leaves. Indeed, how much we can learn from natural beauty and seasonal changes! All the shades and the structure of the clinging leaves onto tree branches, fallen sticks, and dried foliage on the ground.

In particular, I think I admire Fall clothing and style. That is to say; there is ample opportunity to explore layering, form, fabrics, and colors. After all, nature has presented such a striking backdrop. 

Fall Outfits



My Closet:

When it comes to my personal style, I think I have been through debacle phases before. In the past, shopping for me was a temporary dopamine fix. So, dressed in new cheap but on-trend outfits made me feel happy and motivated. Thus, I may have stuffed my closet without thinking about what I like or what suits my body and skin type. Furthermore, there was a considerable amount of time spent sorting through it. Due to the fact, making decisions about what to wear every day was difficult. The last thing on my mind was the ethics of garment works or how I impact the environment and landfill in buying cheap and fast fashion. I soon realized I need time to run my busy lives around my family and work in due time. 

Admittedly, I might have begun my real thoughtful fashion journey only a few years ago. Since then, I have slowly invested in my collection and gradually built on it for a few years. Although I don’t want to call myself  a Minimalist, I somewhat regard the idea of a “capsule wardrobe” or even “uniform.” Actually, I appreciate a wardrobe that is easy to wear multiple ways, layered in various combinations and is comfortable to wear more than a few times a week. Consequently, I have stretched on my budget a few times if I felt sure that the piece would fit the checklist above. 

Nevertheless, as an architect and designer, I love everything about wardrobe and style. 

Fall Outfits
Fall Outfits


Altogether, here are my key considerations in order of importance when choosing what I really want to invest in –

Garment Cut, Fit, Pattern, and Fall:

This is important, especially for my body type, even if the XS model on the website is killing the look with that oversized turtleneck sweater! Will it suit me, is the question to ask. For the most part, longer chunky sweaters without structure or closed turtlenecks will never be a good fit for me. Usually, pieces with a good fall and flowy nature with some interesting scooped necklines are my choice instead. 


Most of the time, l feel stylish and graceful only if I am comfortable in that pair of boots or that blouse’s neckline. That is why I try to buy things not for the trends, but my own comfort. 

One Garment, Multiple ways: 

Fundamentally, mix and match pieces that can work well with each other. I will like to add, even though this post is Fall, a lot of my base pieces are year-round. Again, we don’t have tons of extra space for seasonal rotation clothes in a one-bedroom apartment.

Color Palette: 

Having a simple and neutral color palette is the key to owning fewer pieces since it is possible to mix, match, and layer complementary shades. Personally, I own a white, black, grey, beige palette and mix in mauve, olive, rust, and navy shades intermittently. Of course, I do throw in a few multi-colored prints for those strange feel-like-it days. Again, I keep this collection sparse as it is difficult to do multiple combinations. 


Natural materials that feel good on the skin and are less impactful on landfills, along with less energy consumption, is my goal. Besides, this year has been an introspective year for each one of us to be gentle on our planet.

Support for Slow-Fashion Brands: 

If I find a good vibe on the practices of a business and which are ethically outsourcing work, using clean raw materials, protecting labor rights, and using artisans and handicraft makers, I sometimes am willing to pay a premium. Sure, sometimes limited resources of time, energy, and money can make this out-of-reach, but I take steps to change consumption habits when possible. 

Shop Slowly: 

Considering the points above, it can be overwhelming to make purchases. In effect, it can break your bank balance. Even if the clothing is perfect, I can wear it a few times a week, and it looks fantastic, but that fancy cardigan can cost $300. So, we need to slowly curate our collection, shop secondhand or on deals, and save up for special items you long for. I will admit this season, I have added only 3 pieces. 

As a matter of fact, everything I am wearing is from last year. I have a wish-list in this post, but it can always wait for the right time!  

* Product Photo Images from Websites. Links below, all photo credits reserved by the linked websites.

Fall 2020 ~ Mostly, what caught my eye (Pictured above):

Long Sleeve Tee

A Long Double-faced Knit Sweater

~ This easy lightweight jacket

~ The Cashmere Polo

Alpaca Sweater Tee

Cashmere Wrap

~ This  Paper Cotton Oversized Button-Down

Cashmere Poncho

~ This floral dress 

Silk Peplum Top

Donegal Recycled Cashmere Cardigan

~ Wool Scarf

~ Also, more on Jewelry here 

Just a Little Bit More …

~ Important to realize, here are some Sustainable Brands

~ After all, What Really Happens to Unwanted Clothes?

~ Must be remembered, Stella McCartney’s Winter 2017 Campaign

So, what have you been eyeing this Fall? Any pieces you’d recommend?

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  1. Amazing references on textile recycling. Big eye opener for me to start thinking hard on minimalist approach.

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