Halloween Decorations for Small Apartment

Halloween is approaching upon us, and the warmth of Summer has left us. Sure, it brings to our mind jack-o-lanterns, cobwebs, and skeletons on city stoops and suburban front yards in sleepy towns. But then, here I let this small apartment brigade play another angle. So what if this Hallow’s evening is about remembering the dead, haunted places, horror stories, and lit candles in carved pumpkins. 

Be that as it may, for us, it is decorating our small apartment corridor. So, we paint pumpkin faces who laugh, cry or are angry. Most definitely, it is repurposing string lights on a bed of cobwebs. Furthermore, it is spending family time together on drawing, coloring spooky houses, and flying bats. Certainly, putting to use our paper scraps, pencils, markers, glitter pens, and crayons. 

Halloween Decorations for Small Apartment


Halloween Decorations


Halloween Decorations for Small Apartment


Halloween Decorations for Small Apartment

Our little trick-or-treater wants to be a supergirl this year. Thereupon, we will create (not-so-much)a costume. We will be using all sorts of re-wearable things – pajamas, dresses, tights. By all means, glue on some felt and add a sparkly belt to complete the look. Again, pairing the right combinations with some creative instincts and slight imagination, anything can become a costume.

Halloween Decorations for Small Apartment


Halloween Decorations for Small Apartment

With a little forethought, we may manage to keep Halloween fairly less-waste (if not zero). Moreso, a low-impact affair for the bank. Yes, there will be wrapped candies, scary stickers, eerie bedtime stories, and an enthusiastic (All)Hallow(s) E(v)en to be contained.

How about you guys? Any Genius Decoration and Costume ideas?

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