Indoor Plants

Really, I share a strange relationship with…umm…my Indoor Plants. Let me say it is stressful at times, but thriving at times. I wouldn’t say I like too much of it, nor too little. Not to mention, if we maintain balance, keep going on water and sunshine, they and I will be evergreen. Ha! The point being, houseplants don’t need to be sparse and tiny, but in a small apartment, they might want to be.

Indoor Plants


Indoor Plants


Generally, there are a few things to consider when deciding to bring indoor plants into the home. 

Know your Space: You want to understand where and how many you can place at home. You need to create a hierarchy of plant types and focal points.  For an apartment-sized room, a floor spot will hold maybe one larger plant like a Rubber Tree or a Fiddle-Leaf Fig. Then, locate medium and small plants on countertops, sills,  shelves, or side-tables. You can add single plants for attention or groupings of two or three. If desired, add a Hanging Planter for plants like String of Hearts or English Ivys.
Identify your design style: Wander in a local nursery or plant shop to see what works for you. My preference is a darker tint, but my husband prefers bright and fresh neon greens. I like a variety of plant types in the house. Sometimes,  Geometric shapes as a Monstera or  Split Leaf Philodendron.  Or then, minimal structured plant forms such as ZZ Plant, Pilea Pepperomioides, Peperomia Obtusifolia Variegata. Or, more than often, tiny, curly leaves such as Pilea Glauca Aquamarine or Senecio Rowleyanus as long as none of the plants compete with each other! On the contrary, they should complement each other’s natural design beauty. 
Proper Care: Okay, I am no botanist. So, I like to know the plant’s light and water requirements when making a purchase. Finding the right place for the plant per its need is the key. I know my plants love a shelf at a certain distance from a window or a cabinet with some TV light. They naturally thrive in some locations. Once you figure that out, it is a sacred space of plants. I try to choose plants with once a week of watering (1/3rd of container size), and it is sufficient. Setting up a routine for regular attention to your babies goes a long way. 
Pots and Planters: I keep moving and re-using planters around my tiny house, so I find them worthy of investment. I have worked with a Handmade basic grey or rose white unglazed clay or terracotta pot, even indoors. But, my favorite is a Handmade White Ceramic Planter. I feel a clean, simple-shaped, not too glossy, matte finish, soft white planter enhances the fresh greenery. It helps maintain a calm, serene, and neutral feel to any space. I have, over the years, not taken much liking to high contrast colored planters. But, if a fun plant-filled apartment is your design goal, heck yeah, go for it! 

Indoor Plants


Indoor Plants


What about you?  Any favorite Houseplants or Planters? For Balcony Outdoor Green Space, head here. 


Indoor Plants


Indoor Plants


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Indoor Plants

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