Jersey city and its Stunning Streetscape and Thriving Art Culture

As for me, Jersey City is where home is. Then again, I call it my own city, across the Hudson River from NYC. A few years ago, someone visiting New York city asked me why I like living in these tiny, cramped apartments. Despite the fact that it is not entirely comfortable for daily lives? Even though we sometimes see dirt and muck on pavements, where the subway stops are dim, dingy, and cold, a stench is climbing out the stairs leading to a concrete cityscape. Besides, walking in crowds is no less cumbersome than predicting the future. 
But, for the most part, I think I have figured it out. For me, it is the life behind a place, the pulse, the vibe, almost like living to enjoy what crosses the path and find beauty in it. Particularly, it is the process of the mortals who contrive, of inhabitants who build spaces, a mixture of shadow, geometry, shapes, and tangled mess of dreams. Moreover,  finding why trees accompany to make streets, why lights glitter to make it appear like stars dropping. And why places with perfume and music make for an inviting place!  

Few things that caught the eye …


 ~ Because we still feel our hearts in the broken mess.

Jersey City Streetscape & Artwork


Jersey City Streetscape & Art Culture


~ Again, our dreams onto bricks.


Jersey City Streetscape & Art Culture


~ Mostly, the Story of our souls for others to read.


~ And, this skeleton of girders in front of another one. 

Jersey City Construction Photography


Jersey City Construction Photography


~ Over there, a Stoop & a Painted Door as beheld by my kiddo.

Stoops of Jersey City


~ Here, Neighborhood Sidewalk Stories.

Jersey City neighborhood


~ These wall climbing Beauties. 

Jersey City neighborhood


~ Nearby, in our Alley, Alfresco Dining.

Jersey City neighborhood


~ This degenerating place, kept a secret, yet light shines in.

Jersey City Ruins


Just a Little Bit More … 

~ Green Villain helping Jersey City’s colorful street art scene

~ Jersey city Mural Art Program Interactive Map

~ Bergen Arches Preservation Coalition

~ Ghost Signs in Jersey City

~ A little bit of me, in my Neighborhood.


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