Kids Shoes

Think Kids’ Clothes and Miniature Shiny pair of shoes, and there is nothing cuter. Most of us, including the least consumerist, will feel agony staying away from it. In fact, it is really hard not to be sentimental about teensy-weensy things. In this urge, I think there is a tendency to over-accumulate and stash.

But, really, I think what is needed is Simple, Plain, Easy clothes that will make your everyday effortless. I like to make getting my kid dressed as painless as possible. And something that makes my kid look neat, immaculate, and put together. What these tiny humans need is regular 10 wears to daycares, schools, parks that are sturdy and with high longevity. Things that can mix and match without putting extra few minutes each morning before rushing out to school.

Kids Clothes


Kids Clothes


Kids Clothes


Kids Clothes

Of course, for those special occasions, there are Flowy Dresses and Chic Skirts with tights. Sometimes, even fairy & rainbow dresses, glittery barrettes, enormous ribbons in hair, sparkly shoes, and glitzy tutus. You know, big personalities in small people! But, these lustrous, sparkling chattels can be defined and finite. They don’t have to overflow from dresser drawers. I aim to provide a backdrop of simplicity. A small and adept wardrobe of basics feels best. 

Kids Dressier Clothes


Kids Dressier Clothes

You may say, well, there is a dearth of simple kids’ clothes.

You go to a retailer, and there will be stacks of clothing that are gendered stereotypes. Girls are Pink, Hearts, and Unicorns. Boys are Blue, Outer Space, and Dinosaurs. I don’t think as a parent I want to perpetuate these gender-centric affinities or attachments. But I don’t want to constrain or stop my kid from it either. As long as my kid understands to appreciate all the rainbow colors and that more blue and red make for purple.

So, yes, clean, elementary options are scarce. However, despite many not-so-great options out there, there are lots of folks making simple, sturdy clothes for babies and kids. If you find yourself hankering for those, here’s a list of simple alternatives. Whether your kids will truly aspire or love them is anyone’s guess. But, it will surely save some of your effort, energy, and daily battles.  These shops carry lines that are simple, mostly unadorned, and, most importantly, comfortable and long-lasting.  Before I buy, I always evaluate my budget, wait for sales, calculate how many seasons that clothing will last, and plan careful investment for special pieces.   

All in all, I hope there’s something in here that’s helpful.

~ Mabo: For the cotton basics that mix and match so effortlessly. For slightly dressier occasions, their select purchases never fail. The colors are terrific, and the cuts look vogue. We are fond of the selection of Mod shoes that Mabo carries.

~ Primary: We totally rely on these affordable, colorful graphic-free basics that are amazingly comfortable, easy to mix and match. Be it school or Park, and it is our go-to shop.

~ Childhoods Clothing: Come chilly weather, they have perfect rib-knit pants, Sweatshirts, Pullovers, and Peplums. I really like the shades of Pastels and Autumnal colors this shop explores. 

~ Winter Water Factory: For more visual intrigue, Whimsical, Fancy, and Bold patterns and a variety of prints, this is a lovely option.

~ Misha and Puff: For a one-off splurge-worthy investment that will last through many seasons or years, this pop-corn sweater is the sweetest.

~ Hanna Anderson: Their organic Cotton PJs in a multitude of colors have really been a staple for us, especially for crisp, chilly winter nights. 

~ Burt’s Bees: For affordable organic cotton basics and a solid selection of classic, simple tees and tanks for building a small wardrobe of basics.

~ Pact Clothing: A great affordable option organic cotton basics, especially for Pants and leggings comfortable for hotter months.

~ Plae: Our latest obsession for everyday Comfort shoes, in striking colors that go with most clothing.

~ Other shops that I have made purchases online are ZaraIndigo Africa, Billie BloomsSoor Ploom, and Goat Milk.

Do you have any favorites? More on my thoughts on Wardrobe, Affordability, etc.

Kids Clothes
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