Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park in Jersey City, and, it is always splendid! On the other side of the Hudson River, this beautiful expanse on the waterfront provides gorgeous views of the NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty.
After spending a chilly, snowy, wintry Northeast Winter, it is a given that the first hint of warmth and spring blossoms will make you go gaga. So, we joined a parade of New Jerseyites indulging in the liveliness and activeness on the meadows.

In essence, these 300 acres of public spaces have been a significant respite and breathing space in the pandemic. For instance, stealing a few minutes on a sunny lush grassy field, soaking in the warmth, and breathing in fresh air has felt like a triumph. Even if physically distanced, yet being able to visually recognize people around us has been pivotal for us to maintain a healthy mind and socially integrated. In the true sense, we felt connected to nature, yet, amidst a dense cityscape. We have deemed grateful and privileged to have this urban paradise in our backyard for the most part. It reaffirms these open green spaces’ relevance and value, even if lives go on in a congested metropolitan. Thereupon, any city, town, neighborhood, social housing development, the residential complex should be interspersed with these parklands.

Here are a few photographs. If you are nearby, you should detour too.

By and large, this is how we have enjoyed our neighborhood state park –

Liberty State Park

~ For the most part, my Guys on the Meadows

Biking at LSD

~ Otherwise, Running, Strolling, and Biking
~ Kiteflying, Picnicking, Treat Baskets, Play Tents, etc., on Grassy fields.
~ Collecting Treasures such as Sticks, Leaves, Tree Twigs and Stones & Shells

Liberty State Park

~ Beneath the blue skies, Scenic views of NYC Skyline, Statue of Liberty, and the Liberty Landing Marina.

Hudson River
~ Watching the Sunset by the Rocks at Upper New York Bay and Hudson River

Liberty State Park Rail Terminal
~ Walking down history lane at the Historic Train Terminal Site

Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial


Empty Sky 9/11 Memorial
~ Reflecting at the Empty Sky /11 Memorial

Granted that I have done these repeatedly, but I may never get tired of them. So, do you have such a go-to Park?

Upper New York Bay

In case you are in the neighborhood:

~ Kayak Eco Tours
~ Liberty Science Center
~ Richard J. Sullivan Natural Area Wetland trail
~ Environmental and Historical Educational Programs
~ Ferry Service to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.
~ Fishing and Crabbing in the Bay

Just a Little Bit More …

~ Cast of Little Women in Tintype or Wet Plate Photography

~ Modern Day Trailers of Old Movies by HBO Max

~ Earth-Rise on the Surface of the moon

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