Top 12 Good Looking Small Space Heaters

Here I am, ready to divulge my findings on Small Space Heaters.

Last week, the temperature dropped to a new low of the season. Then again, our PTAC unit from the living room started its cacophony. Pulsating, throbbing, and raucous hoo-ha. Soon, to our dismay, it was gone. Thereupon, we foraged through space heaters for a makeshift. It threw us into a tizzy since most options were offensive-looking. 

Important to realize, in a small apartment, there is space only for appealing things. For this reason, adding a last-minute unsightly object seems grim. In fact, there is also a probability that if bought impulsively, it will be destined for a landfill.

Hence, my quest began for a well-designed, simple, sleek, and easy-looking piece. With this intention, I was looking for a functional, affordable, and portable heater. At the minimum, a base level performer that can provide supplemental or singular heat in the future.  Moreover, something that will either dissimulate in any space or will be deliberately striking. 

Top 12 Good Looking Small Space Heaters


Top 12 Good Looking Small Space Heaters

Finally, here are a few of my picks. By all means, I applied my Design mind to this exploration. To a certain degree, these blend aesthetics with utility. However, I am waiting for this Sun Heater

Top 12 Good Looking Small Space Heaters

 In this case, Pictured Above:

~ Crane Ceramic (1)

~ Honeywell Uberheat  (2)

Minimal & Sleek :

~ PlusMinusZero Infrared Electric with Steam (Naoto Fukasawa’s brand) (3)

~ Another one from Naoto Fukasawa, PlusMinus Zero Ceramic (4)

~ Bruno Bucket Ceramic (5)

~ Stadler Form Anna (6)

Unique and Bold :

~ Isiler Ceramic (7)

~ Vornado Glide Vortex (8)

~ Delonghi Ceramic (9)

Utilitarian and Industrial :

~ Utility Milkhouse style (10)

~ Dr. Infrared (11)

Realistic :

~ Fireplace Crane Ceramic (12)

Top 12 Good Looking Small Space Heaters
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