Kids Toys

Toys are one of the most happiness-inducing purchases of our home. By all means, we will try to curate, handpick, and order toys for our almost 5 years old. Not to mention, she is excited and gleaming with joy when the package arrives. Then, we ask her to close her eyes and put her hands out for a surprise. Oh, the pleasures! However, in a few minutes or an hour, the excitement is bygone. Well, short-lived perfect little engagements! Next up, I will be running behind tidying things, and Mommy might just come across a draconian freak! 

Anyways, here are my inklings with regards to kid’s toys. 

For one thing, the markets are flooded with options, and each kid will have a liking. Besides, some items are loved more, some less, some forgotten altogether. Necessary to realize, toys can quickly become a mess-generating mechanism in the house. If not filtered, well-kept neutral homes might end up with jarring colors, glaring, shiny, plastic, and flimsy playthings. And, more so, at a formidable cost to the planet. 

For this reason, at some point, there needs to be some gatekeeping to what comes into the home. Generally, we embrace the concept of parental involvement in selecting for our young kid. Even though control and curbing might get a bad rap,  there is value in limits. In essence, helping kids understand this is also part of parenting. How much? Is it needed, or is it just another physical item in the house? These are worthwhile considerations. 

Kids Toys


Kids Toys

On Curating, Tidying, Storage, and Clutter

For us, living in a small one-bedroom apartment, we like toys fitting neatly into an apartment. 

Given that, we prefer Montessori and Waldorf inspired liberal versions of toys with an emphasis on leaving room for imagination. Wood, Metal, and Cloth mostly. 

We are limited to a single storage unit in the living room with bins. I like the option as it keeps most toys accessible and reachable for Mira. Although, I had hoped the containers were an alternate material yet affordable option instead of plastic. Additionally, we have a few baskets, wooden crates, and paper bags. All these hold small puzzles, blocks, legos, cars. 

Kids Toys and storage


Kids Toys

In all of this, we do need to remain flexible. On occasion, we have agreed to get a shimmery doll or a pink dollhouse or a giant toy that occupies half of our room. Mostly, so there is no big deal, temper outbursts, or rolling on the floor scenes. My only peace, all these options, and things are almost temporary. They are played with for some time, mostly forgotten, and then one day, we will clean it out. Mostly, we pass it along so another kid can put it to use. Again, one day my kid will decide for herself what is best for her. Until then, we can help her sort through. 

Kids Toys

Our Favorite Toys

Nevertheless, some kid’s toys are imaginative, beautiful works of art. As a designer and architect, I feel drawn to curating these. In fact, in an alternate universe, I will like to be a kid’s toy designer.

On that note, here are a few toys my kid has loved and enjoyed. Also, these are great Gifting ideas or Stocking Stuffer ideas

~ Sweet Baby Doll and this one

~ New York city Blockitecture

~ Eeboo Musician and artist Paper Doll set

~ Rainbow Teleidoscope

~ Make Me Iconic Paddleball

~ Wooden Bow and Arrow

~ Stamp Set

~ Doll and Bed Set

~ Wooden Pattern Blocks Puzzle

~ Playground

~ Tegu Magnetic Blocks

~ Magnatiles

~ Train Set

~ Unicorn & Rainbows Bowling game

~ Mouse Spa & Wellness

~ Bouncy Stones

~ SlingShot

~ Rainbow Friends Peg Dolls

Kids Toys
Just a Little Bit More …

~ Sweetest, Clean, Minimal Toy Storage. Definitely, on my Make-Believe Wish List.

~ Beautiful Indian Toys here 

~ Nostalgic Indian Desi Toys like Lagori, Gilli Danda, Lattu, Steamboat & Kitchen Set

~ Plush Baby Ganesha or Krishna

~ 9 Traditional Indian Games and Toys on the verge of extinction.

~ On another note, Traditional Indian Games for Adults

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