Working from Home Outfits: I can’t stop wearing!

Work from Home outfits

What has your working from home outfits recently been? 

The past few months have considerably transformed our choices. Be it the shift in our wardrobe, the food we put on our dinner tables, the way kids learn and get entertained, or even how much work-life balance we can maintain. It has undoubtedly offered fresh perspectives and adjusted our viewpoint. Most definitely, we have adapted to the wavering and the transposing world around us.

When all this began, there was disorder in my household. Alongside my toddler tiptoeing around, I would get to work immediately, eating a toast with rewarmed Chai. All this, in last night’s pajamas while working on architectural drawings or phone calls. In due time, I comprehended the need to elevate this routine.

Now that schools have resumed (partially at least!), I won’t dare to tell you the morning frenzy involved in making school meals and packing lunch boxes. There is no respite up until waving goodbye for school dropoff. Soon after, quickly showering and getting dressed before sitting down to work feels proper and ritualistic. However, I marvel at how this attire can serve this systematic intention, yet, there can be snugness?

Work from Home Outfits Flatlay



Just a Litte Bit More …

Here, a round-up of what brought comfort, amenity, and style through that 8 hour work weekday –

Pictured above:

Softest Linen blend shorts

Pima Tapered Lounge Pants

Air crew Tee in 100% Cotton (Oversized fit – go small)

Air Cami in 100% Cotton

Soft Legging

Lightweight French Terry Crew

~ Classic warm Slippers

~ A Bandana for a Pop of Cheerful Color

~ A Dotted Notebook

~ Colored Pencils with a Brass cup 

So, what has been your uniform these days? Any pieces you’d recommend?

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