Jersey city Snowy Day

A Snowy Day: Just a Little Snow Report for January and February.  Notably, we saw many Snow Storms in the New York region, and the White Snowy Wintry Wonderland is here. By all means, the skies bestowed largess of snow. And, the fairytale begins.  Markedly, those first few hours are Magical. Snowflakes, melting upon your skin in their playful swirl. The glowing, pure white landscape contrasting against the charcoal sketchy outlines of denuded trees. The heart-warming earthy browns of brick lanes, the orange and purple shades of light on the sidewalks, and the unearthly rose gold glimmer calling our hearts. Then again, there is a warm home to return to. There are soft, cozy, snuggly woolen blankets and dream-inspiring hearths.  There is sublimity in the silence. It is a season of reflection. 

A Snowy Day


A Snowy Day



A Snowy Day

Not to mention, it is not every day that you find yourself smack dab in the middle of a Snowy Utopia.  But, when you do, you go for a visit tramping through Snowy Sidestreets and Swooping down Icy Slopes. Likewise, we stepped into our Snowshoes and sled our way down the road to our neighborhood park. It is undeniably a happy feeling to walk in it and create new footprints of your own—nothing like rolling in the Fluffy Feather Cushion and watching Snowbirds.  Or even just admiring Clusters of tree twigs, gnarled and twisted. Furthermore, being in awe of this celestial palette of nature. It is devoid of wondrous and gay greens but certainly makes up in its white, browns, purples, orange, and charcoal. 

For one thing, not a day should go by without such sweet little moments. In this case, a snowy day one amongst them!




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