Design Story of a Living Space

Step inside! Enter our Living Space! The inception of this space was a desire for a positive, peaceful, and light-filled space. We believed in intentionally understated architecture with a minimalist design language. We drew inspiration from Brutalist and Scandinavian styles or even, say, waiting to be transported to Marfa, Texas.

Design Story of a Living Space

We chose a crisp, white backdrop for our wall with accents of mid-toned hues for warmth, texture, and tactility. Oatmeal-colored fabric for Lounge Sofa, Cement Finish Side tables, and a Mauve Armchair add this intermixture to the overall composition. After all, it is intriguing when Simplicity meets Conflict and Contrast conforms with Cohesion.`

Design Story of a Living Space

As a challenge, when we bought the house, the existing Living was more of a room separated from the Dining area by a wall. We decided to let architecture inform the space. We demolished the wall. The Dining would become our Multipurpose room with a Play area and Work office and could connect our Living and Kitchen. To materialize this openness, we worked with a Feature Wall of Wood Veneer Vertical Fins and a Framed Opening. This adds warmth, tonality, and an element of spiritedness and activity to our overall muted space.  

Before Renovation Picture of the Living Room
Design Story of a Living Space
Design Story of a Living Space

Early in our idea conception process, we were sure about one thing! There must be a design intent and an impression of cohesion room to room to create a visual ricochet. So, we wanted a common thread in the project that flows through. And what was that?

Design Story of a Living Space

Clean lines, uncluttered volumes, and repetition of elements blending past, and present were a focus. Interior lights became our idée fixe within our living space for more discernable artistry and functionality. The gorgeous wall sconces, the linear wall wash on the ceiling for the Vertical fins, or the swing arm light feature a dimmable function for elevated ambiance.

Design Story of a Living Space

Earthy colors interspersed within pure and unblemished surfaces create a calm, intimate, and inviting space for us. It is perfect for laid-back entertaining, hosting a gathering full of family and friends. As the weather cools, we can find a little bit of that outside on the inside! Alongside those homey vibes!

Design Story of a Living Space
Just a little bit more …

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